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Keep a Journal of Your Life (3)

pencil paper clipart Keep a Journal of Your Life (3)You certainly can do journal writing on a computer or in one of those lovely, cloth-bound blank books, but when you write in a 99¢ spiral notebook you’re more likely to do what you’re supposed to: just write. When people get fancier, they tend to worry about spelling, punctuation, and margins, which, in this context, don’t matter one whit. Read more »

Keep a Journal of Your Life (2)

mgyrdi2 Keep a Journal of Your Life (2)The journal’s loftier function is in helping you sort through tangled feelings, work through dilemmas, and tap into inner resources that can be impeded when you’re racking your brain to figure something out. Getting your emotions down on paper can clear the blockages that impede creativity. It can also keep you from losing your temper or sinking into self-pity. Read more »

Keep a Journal of Your Life

enjoy life 300x300 Keep a Journal of Your LifeThe key to a journal’s effectiveness is that you simply put pen to paper and see what you get.

One of the most direct means for contacting the psyche is with a pen and paper. Writing helps you see through confusion and bring challenges down to conquerable size. It is an invaluable aid in creating a charmed life. Read more »