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The New Management Models (2)

main image 300x213 The New Management Models (2)Almost regardless of the model, the principles are the same. They have emerged from a revised set of beliefs about what’s needed to propel corporations ahead: total organization teamwork, thoughtfulness and flexibility at the customer contact point, sensitivity and quick reaction to marketplace changes. Read more »

The New Management Models

banners under new management 300x225 The New Management ModelsIf you think you can run this organization in the next five years the way you ran it in the last five years—you’re crazy. We’ve got to disturb the present.

Roberto Goizueta, Chairman and CEO, Coca Cola Co.

The stream of progressive new management models appears to be flowing open-endedly. Almost every day brings something new. Each of the models is aimed at changing the way that you function so that you can survive and prosper in an organization world that’s rapidly becoming unlike anything you’ve known before. Read more »