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Do you have a writing hobby? If you do, is your writing result is only known by yourself? Or even, is it nearly forgotten? Why don’t you try to monetize your writing hobby? The ways are not as hard as you might ever imagine. Here are they:

Write for magazine

It might sound outdated. However, remember all magazines where your writing can be published? Since your article is in English, there are a lot of magazines all over the world. The chance is there. At first, you might be afraid of having million competitors but remember that nothing in this world that doesn’t offer you competition. Whatever you do to make money, there will always be competition. Start to send your writing to magazine and keep trying and improving if get rejection. There will be a time when your writing is accepted and published, and you get money as the return.

Publish your own book

Not being interested in sending your writing to magazine you can write a book and then publish it. It is an easier way to make your writing publish but to make it sold depends on your writing. If people love your work, they’re certainly willing to buy your books and you can earn much money from this. Just make sure that the book you’re writing is interesting. Keep in mind; you should master the topic too. Now, what kind of books do you want to write: is it fiction, nonfiction, adult story, kid story, teen story, or?

Create an affiliate blog

How about going online? You can look for a vendor that offers you chance to be an affiliate. To be an affiliate, you need to create a blog for running this business. You need to know that to be a successful online affiliate; you need to have great and valuable blog’s contents/posts. Here, your writing hobby is really useful. In addition, don’t forget to design the site well. Visitors might not like visiting your blog regularly although it has great contents because the design and layout really hurt their eyes. For solving this problem, use Pittsburgh website design services to have nice website design.

Work at writing company

The last way to monetize your writing hobby is by working at a writing company. It can be either offline or online. For the offline company, you might work at a local newspaper and become a permanent writer of one of its columns. For the online one, you might apply for a job to writing companies that offers essay, paper and/or book review writing service. Become one of their writers and earn high income.

Do you want to waste your writing hobby? You don’t want, right? Pick one of the ways above, among writing for magazines, publishing your own book, creating an affiliate site, and working at writing company, so you can make money by doing what you like. Remember that you’re so lucky to get it because many people are willing to get a job that they like but they couldn’t because they the opportunity isn’t there.

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