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Facilities, and Programs 8The introvert focuses his or her energy mainly in the internal world and is usually quiet, contemplative, and shy. You can find both extroverted and introverted physicians. Sensing versus intuition is the second criterion.

It focuses on how a person perceives information. If you’re a sensing person, you generally believe the information you receive is from the world around you. If you’re intuitive, you believe information you receive is from the internal or imaginative world.

Most physicians are more sensing than intuitive. The third criterion is thinking versus feeling, which looks at how new information is processed. A thinking person makes a decision using logic. A feeling person makes a decision based on emotion.

Because most physicians fall within the “thinking” category, this can be a common area of conflict when patients are feeling people. The last personality criterion looks at what a person does with the information he or she has.

A judging person organizes the information, formulates plans, and acts on the plans. A perceiving person is more inclined to improvise and seek alternatives. Once again, physicians usually fall into the judging category. It’s the different combinations of these above four criteria that determine personality type.

When you’re considering the affability of a potential new doctor, you need to think about the type of personalities you like to be around given your own personality. With that said, personality types shouldn’t be the most important thing because most of us can get along with others, even if they’re different.

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