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Facilities, and Programs 7Contact your state medical board to make sure that a prospective provider has a license in good standing and doesn’t have formal disciplinary actions against him or her. You may also be able to search pending and recent litigation to see if he or she is the subject of multiple lawsuits. Don’t be afraid to ask around.

If he or she gets bad marks for bedside manner (or worse), you may want to move to the next name on your list. After availability, affability is the next trait that most of us consider when picking a new provider.

During your initial visit, you’ll get a sense of the doctor’s personality. Ask yourself if it will be easy to get along and talk to this person. You should feel comfortable asking questions, and you should feel as though he or she listens and explains things clearly. If a physician makes you feel uneasy, brushes off your concerns, or seems to speak in another language, then he or she probably isn’t the one for you.

Two factors impact your doctor’s bedside manner: personality and interests. As part of your bedside manner evaluation, think about your own personality type. The Jung-Briggs-Myers typology is a commonly used tool to assess personality.

It classifies people using four criteria. The first criterion, extroversion versus introversion, focuses on the source and direction of energy expression. Because the extrovert’s source and direction of energy expression is mainly in the external world, he or she is usually very friendly, talkative, and outgoing.

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