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The Meaning of Personally Meaningful

color cute girl hands happiness 228692 300x210 The Meaning of Personally MeaningfulThe term “personally meaningful” was almost always perplexing, especially for young adults who had spent most of their life going to school and, more recently, had been in the lower echelons of organizations. Read more »

Ways to Avoid Getting Traffic Ticket

1 11 b1 300x239 Ways to Avoid Getting Traffic TicketTraffic ticket is a notice which is given by law enforcement official to riders or drivers who violate traffic laws like exceeding the speed limit (moving violation) and parking violation (non-moving violation). Based on some reliable researches about traffic ticket, drivers or riders will lose their driver/rider license if they get four point violations within a 12-month period, or six point violations in a 24-month period, or eight point violations in a 36-month period. The question is do you ever get traffic ticket? If you do, don’t try to do it over unless you want to deal law enforcement official again and lose your driver license. There are several ways that you can do to avoid traffic ticket, such as: Read more »

Making Your Contributions to Your Subordinates

deal job confrontation 800x800 300x196 Making Your Contributions to Your SubordinatesWe were making our contributions by commenting and raising questions on the weekly papers and clearly stating when we were unable to see what was personally meaningful in what a student was describing. Read more »