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Everybody wants to live happily without any troubles. Everybody wants his/her life surrounded by happiness anywhere and anytime in every single aspect of life. However, life is not as beautiful as people imagine. There are many things make life bad. Don’t give up guys because happiness will come to those who believe. Avoiding these things is one of the strategies to be happy:

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While the weekly papers were not graded, the fact that the final papers would be graded provided students a reason to take writing the papers and our comments seriously.

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We told the class that the grading criteria needed to promote and measure intellectually valid production for an MBA degree and discriminate between performances.

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The first assignment was for students to get themselves into four-person “support” groups, which, by the third week of the term, would be meeting a minimum of two hours a week. The only constraint we put on the groupings was that all matchups were tentative until everyone in the class felt satisfied.

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We would tell them, “If you want to see your structure, try discussing what is missing and see how what you require is slightly different from what others believe is missing.

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Twitter is a popular social media site where celebrities tweet anything they please and also the masses follow them. However, Twitter isn’t just limited to the upper class! You are not a computer and throttle or even a cell phone can connect to the world of Twitter plus they too can tweet whatever they please! Do you think you’re tired of the Twitter craze? If that’s the case, revitalize the […]

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The students were divided up into sections of twenty-five to thirty, each section having a different professor and a different curriculum corresponding to that instructor’s disciplinary specialty, but each with the same learning objective.

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