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Almost regardless of the model, the principles are the same. They have emerged from a revised set of beliefs about what’s needed to propel corporations ahead: total organization teamwork, thoughtfulness and flexibility at the customer contact point, sensitivity and quick reaction to marketplace changes.

Having beautiful face is dreamed by everybody. For some people, especially women, beautifying their faces is a must because they want to have ageless face without wrinkles at all. This applies for those of you who work in marketing area because appearance is the main factor when meeting clients. They are even willing to spend much money to have a beautiful face.

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If you think you can run this organization in the next five years the way you ran it in the last five years—you’re crazy. We’ve got to disturb the present. Roberto Goizueta, Chairman and CEO, Coca Cola Co. The stream of progressive new management models appears to be flowing open-endedly. Almost every day brings something new. Each of the models is aimed at changing the way that you function so […]

There are many types of eye diseases that you can get if you don’t take care of your eyes regularly, like conjunctivitis, cataract, or glaucoma. These eyes diseases are really dangerous which can cause blindness.

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Driving Whenever you go to the market, park your car at the far end of the parking lot and walk a little farther. The extra steps may not seem like much, but they add up! Even washing your car can count as exercise. I mean really washing it . . . by hand. The car wash doesn’t count! Wash your own car and burn extra calories.

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Getting good academic achievement is not easy, you need to study hard and have good motivation. Unfortunately studying hard and having good motivation sometimes are not enough to get achievement that you want. You should know that parents, environment, and internet can also become important factors that affect your academic achievement.

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Climbing Stairs To get your heart pumping and rev up your metabolism, try running up and down the stairs a few times. If your laundry is in the basement, take one load at a time and burn some extra calories.

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