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Cardio Living: Office (I)

CATEGORY 115 157 300x207 Cardio Living: Office (I)Achilles Stretch

  • The Achilles Stretch is great for women who wear high heels because it helps to counteract the constant contraction of the calf caused by the height of the shoe. To do this stretch, slip off your high heels! Stand a few feet from a wall. Face it with your feet shoulder-width apart. Read more »

Cardio Living: Bathroom

Bathroom Accessories1 300x300 Cardio Living: BathroomBrushing Your Teeth

Thigh Squats

  • Each morning and night you stand in front of the bathroom mirror for several minutes as you brush your teeth. Make use of those minutes and do some Thigh Squats to tone your upper legs and butt. Stand facing the mirror with your feet shoulder-width apart. Read more »