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Cardio Living: Laundry Room

laundry 2Droom 2Dpictures 2D15 300x238 Cardio Living: Laundry RoomDetergent Weights

Single Arm Biceps Curls

  • Bottles of detergent have more uses than simply getting your clothes clean. Use the heavy bottle to do Single Arm Biceps Curls. Stand straight up with your legs together. Hold the detergent bottle in your right hand. Read more »

Cardio Living while Boiling Water

4739830205 1616e337e2 z 300x200 Cardio Living while Boiling WaterRear Leg Raise

  • To tone and strengthen the butt, lower back, back of the hips, and the ham- strings, do Rear Leg Raises. Stand up straight with your left side at the counter and your feet together. Place your left hand on the counter for balance. Read more »

Cardio Living in the Kitchen

Counter Push-UpsNice Kitchen 300x220 Cardio Living in the Kitchen

  • Shape your arms with Counter Push-ups. Stand up straight a few feet from the counter. Face the counter. Place your hands on the counter to support your body weight. You should be angled toward the counter with your breast-line at the height of the counter. Read more »

Cardio Living: Pantry & Washing Dishes

2a5ec2d04da6ddc0 882531e40e7bc807 89794307.preview 300x200 Cardio Living: Pantry & Washing DishesPantry

Food Weights

  • Tins of food, hand-size bottles or cans of soft drinks make excellent hand weights for arm exercises. Use them just as you might use a set of weights: Stand with your legs together. Hold the objects in your hands and allow your arms to drop at your sides. Slowly raise your arms out to your sides, up to shoulder height. Read more »

Two Useful Activities to Keep Your Body Healthy

healthy 300x127 Two Useful Activities to Keep Your Body HealthyHaving tight schedules every day you might have no time to take care of your body well. In fact, people who are always busy of working all day are able to get any diseases easily. However, when you have leisure times, most of you definitely prefer to go traveling to make you relax. Actually you can take care of your body at your leisure times in order to help you in keeping your body health. Taking care of your body is more useful than going on vacation. Besides living healthily, you will also work optimally again on workdays. Read more »